REVIEW: SCOURGE by Charley Pearson

I am back with another review. A few days ago, I featured debut author Charley Pearson and his medical thriller SCOURGE. You can read that blog post here.


I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I was asked to take part in the blog tour and review SCOURGE as I am not a big fan of medical thrillers. I am sorry but I just find the constant use of medical terminology boring and want to skip parts of the book. However, I agreed to read the book and fortunately, I didn't encounter the same problem with SCOURGE as with other novels in that genre.

Yes, we still get the terminology required --it is a medical thriller, after all-- but it is not boring nor difficult for the laymen to grasp and it is balanced out with the action and the little romance going on between the two main characters.

As a romance writer myself, I enjoyed reading about the awkward attempts of our two nerdy MCs, Aatos and Stacy. It was great fun as they were both so clumsy in expressing how they felt for each other. And a little spoiler, they do end up together but I am not telling you how. You will see that when you pick up the book.

The story begins with a description of our three MCs' childhood years which serves as an introduction to their love for chemistry and research and slowly leads us to understand their motives behind their future actions.

We then get to see how the 'plague' starts and its effects to the world. An idea that doesn't actually seem that impossible in today's world considering the technological advancements. A future I certainly hope we never get to experience. However, it works well here in this novel and the action will keep you turning the pages to the end.

There are wonderful descriptions throughout the book and I found the main characters well-developed. The secondary characters proved invaluable in moving the story forward as well and I think my personal favourite is Uncle Billy. He was fun to read about.

Overall, I think SCOURGE is a novel worth your precious reading time and I look forward to seeing what they author might produce next.

In fact, I am planning to ask him that as he has another stop here on this blog as I will be interviewing him too.


For more info on the book and links, click here.

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